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Debt Consolidation Programs: The Way Out of your Debt (Without More Debt!)

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Independent Advice. No Bankruptcy. No loss of Dignity.

An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) is one of a series of debt consolidation programs set up by the government of the day to provide a solution to personal debt and to deal generally with the growing issue of individual insolvency. We are licenced to give Individual Voluntary Arrangement advice and do so on the understanding that IVAs were never designed to be one-size-fits-all cures to any debt problem, as individual situations can vary so much.

A normal Individual Voluntary Arrangement will be set to run for 60 months and after the term has completed all the debt is cleared from a person's credit profile. Other debt consolidation programs may be set to run for a longer or shorter length of time, depending on the circumstances of the debtor and the collective agreement of the creditors.

An instrument such as an IVA writes off most of a person's debt at the beginning of the plan (although be wary of the claims in some advertising: it is seldom much more than 60 or 65 percent of total unsecured debt which can be 'written off'). Any decent IVA advice of this sort will make sure that you get the optimum results with the lowest repayments together with the highest percentage of debt written off at the outset.

However, not all people qualify. To find out if you do, use the form below for independent and impartial advice for your own circumstances.

So if you have at least two accounts in debt, and total debts of £2,000 or more, use the form below to see if you qualify. (If you owe less than this, or are on state benefits, then use this link to apply.)



















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Please be aware that figures entered need to be accurate by law, and to give the best service to you. It is extremely important that you budget for all necessary expenditure including rent or mortgage, council tax and utility bills, etc., and any other necessary outgoings related to the upkeep of your household and inrelation to any specific circumstances that may relate to you. This website only collects data on behalf of debt management professionals, from which it will receive affiliate remuneration for data collection only and does not itself engage in any debt management services. Other debt management options are available and may be more suitable. People entering into an IVA or debt management will have this entered on their credit profile and this may affect their ability to get credit in the short term or even in the long term in some cases. It is free to apply from this website; you will be given advice by debt management professionals and a 'cooling off' period, by law, to decide whether or not the debt management plan is suitable for you, and you should be aware that a fee will be chargeable upon a successful arrangement, as with any commercial transaction. Failure to meet the repayments on an IVA or any debt management programme may result in serious consequences, including, but not limited to, bankruptcy. Bankruptcies, CCJs and similar defaults will be entered into a public register and will remain there for a statutory period of not less than six (6) years.

Consumer Credit Licence number 633327.

Debt Consolidation Programs


A debt consolidation program will be usually drawn up by a qualified insolvency practitioner and shall be made specifically to match the specific requirements. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to these procedures as all situations are different to the next, while some differ considerably. The selected insolvency practitioner will then draw up the best strategy in accordance with the client's own particular circumstances and then set up a schedule of repayments to creditors usually for 60 months, although in certain situations this may change.

Most sorts of debt consolidation programs will usually be made to last for 5 years, but often this will vary according to circumstances. When the term is over the debt is said to be discharged and the client cleared of all debt records. Any records of the debts which have been registered corresponding to the applicant's name and address must be cleared from the credit records as a result.

A number of disciplines have emerged surrounding the area of insolvent cases, and these encompass the legal profession and more recent professions including such diverse types as insolvency practitioners. All these experts should be used to their best effect. Each one will have their own area of knowledge and specialisation which you should make use of to your best advantage. Making use of debt consolidation programs will make recovery from insolvency quicker and easier to bear.

An debt consolidation program such as an IVA is a highly useful legal measure and most would jump at the chance of applying for one of these as it is sanctioned by law and releases the client from the entirety of his or her debt when the agreed term has been concluded. This is a more benign answer to personal debt than other harsher measures such as making the debtor bankrupt and carries none of bankruptcy's stigma.

Our economy is a very complex entity. Economists and specialists of all descriptions want to figure out how it functions every day of the week. It is like a big machine. At the end of the day economics has an effect on political and social imperatives and these are mainly regulated by the society that we live in. Our community at the moment is geared towards success and that generally means exposure to risk. For as long as we have this danger we also have the ghastly prospect of insolvency, both corporate and personal. Use of debt consolidation programs are designed to alleviate this risk to a certain extent.





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Take a look at the Insolvency Service's leaflet called 'In Debt', downloadable here.


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